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Project currently in development for prototype. 

Cante! A romance VN that allows you to customize yourself and your love interest. 

Customize yourself and your lover, and go on an adventure together in Cante,

the land of hearts, a world full of magic that connects to many worlds.

 Take the path of a ruler, traveler, dragon hunter, and much more!

Cante includes a complex dress up system to the point you are customizing your own original characters, MC and the love interest, and picking a storyline to experience.


Cante the land of hearts

Cante is a moldable and expandable world of imaginations, and it’s magic power is driven by the user’s emotions. It will include different styles of worlds in different regions, we will start with fantasy, then modern, sci-fi, steampunk, post apocalypses, and other concepts will continue to be added and be expanded.

The legend has it that a bored wacky fairy, Cilly Dreamer (known as CD) created this world and likes to troll it's inhabitants.  All who are favored by the fairy will be gifted with power shards that grant them super magic abilities but mysterious misfortune will also befall upon them.


For base game, players can pick from two routes to play, as we expand into DLC/expansion there will be more different stories added.
Depending on your choices you can turn drama into comedy, or tragic dark romance.  

Base game: 

The Ash Kingdom:

  • Traveler route: Rumor has it the demonic ruler has frozen the land and the castle in ashes, the traveler who wants to create a book of epic adventures decides to investigate and tell the story. 

  • Ruler route: Plagued by a revolt and tarnished reputation, the tired ruler retreat from the throne into the depth of the woods hoping to catch a break when an unknown traveler shows up at the lodge. 

Expansion/DLC stories:

  • Dragon Hunter: The Dragon Hunter is a prestigious title for human hunters, many adventurers gather in groups to explore for more trophies and gear, dragons who are hunted close to extinction fight back to save themselves. 
  • And more... 


In order to be inclusive, the players will be able to make combos of BXG, GXB, BXB, GXG, the writing will aim to accommodate that differences. 

Personalities:4 personalities range will be written via different choices/routes of the same world/story background.

  • Consoler: Kind and caregiving, constantly concerned about others well being above their own.
  • Explorer:  The cheerful explorer with an artistic touch, who tries to make the world a brighter place.
  • Guardian: Protector of others and tradition, practical and aim to provide.
  • Strategist: Witty and complex minded problem solvers, always into ideas that's too complicated for others.

Concept art:

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This game is amazing, I can't wait for full game 😊❤️

thank you so much, I am glad you are anticipating it. :) 


this seems really really cool! i dont think ive ever seen a game this customizable! the art here has this really classic anime feel that i am super super digging

(uhm also... was just curious, are there any plans for customizable pronouns?)

(1 edit)

customized pronoun, that's something we might be able to implement but need to work on merging the existing tool to our game. I won't promise anything yet. Currently we have he, she, they, I will work with my queer friend on that hoping to get that into the game for best diversity fun possible. 


This looks really cool!!!

This looks really good I’m glad I’ve found this ❤️❤️❤️👍

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Looks really good, keep it up! What is the price for the game going to be?

(1 edit) (+1)

The base game will be free for all, then we will have a paid version for extensions. :D The price will start around $10, then have add ons for more different stories people would like to download as DLC or bundle. 


Nice! sounds good.


Looking forward to the game!


glad to hear it!

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thank you Hyprblast that's a very sweet comment. :D

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